Top 12 Flutter Development Tools

Ricardo Castellanos
5 min readFeb 21, 2022

Here is a list of some of the development tools I am using since I started developing with Flutter a little over two years ago.

#1 Firebase

Firebase is a fantastic tool with so many functionalities like analytics, real-time database, Admob, messaging, hosting, crash reporting, and Firebase Authentication. With Firebase, it is so convenient to integrate on a Flutter app and shop it on a cross-platform application. Firebase APIs can be used as a unified backend into a single SDK.

Checkout the pre-packaged Firebase Extensions here:

#2. RIVE

Rive was previously known as 2Dimentions. Rive work on real assets, and it allows you to design UI or characters that didn’t depend on the mockups. With Rive it is so convenient to add load files in your app or game.


It’s a command-line tool that makes it easy to install and use the Dart libraries with the numbers of packages available at the

#4 Screenshots

It is a standalone command-line utility and package for capturing screenshot images for Flutter. Screenshots can be integrated into Flutter to work evidently on both iOS and Android.

Demo of Screenshots in action:

#5 Codemagic

If you are looking for a tool to boost the Flutter app development process, then Codemagic comes as a handy tool. With Codemagic, it is so convenient to automate the whole process of your Flutter application.

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