10 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Flutter Development

Ricardo Castellanos
6 min readJan 18, 2023

Flutter is one of the most in-demand cross-platform UI frameworks used to develop affluent mobile, desktop, and web applications. As the amount of Flutter users expands, an extensive array of plugins and add-ons are available for developers to expedite their work. In this post, I’ll provide details of the top 10 extensions I utilize in Visual Studio Code IDE for Flutter programming. They are:

  • Pubspec Assist
  • Error Lens
  • Flutter Tree
  • Bracket Pain Colorizer 2
  • Dart Data Class Generator
  • Flutter Stylizer
  • Better Comments
  • Color Highlight
  • Markdownlint
  • JSON to Dart Model

I trust you have already found and set up the Flutter and Dart add-ons in Visual Studio Code for Flutter app building. If you haven’t, you can get them from the Visual Studio Marketplace for Flutter and Dart.

You might be familiar with installing extensions in VS Code. However, for newbies, I have explained it here. Click on the extension icons in the left side menu, type the desired extension name in the search box, select the required extension, and then click Install.